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10 things every tenant must know before signing a tenancy contract

10 things every tenant must know before signing a tenancy contract

Every expats footed in UAE soil dream and expect lot from UAE. Trust Real Estate guides and help all expats to be live a life as desired in UAE. We break out all secrets behind a tenancy contract to makes sure your dream life in Sharjah is safe and without facing messy issues.

Lots of documents, laws, and bills can be frightening at first. Trust Real Estate advises you verify and to have these items on your checklist before signing the tenancy contract with a landlord will insure you are not waving off any necessary information.

The essential 10 things to check before signing a tenancy contract

  1. Be certain that the property for rent is from verified listing. Trust Real Estate assures you are getting exactly what you searched for from our personal verified list of apartment for rent.
  2. Make sure the landlord is the owner of the property. Ask for name, title deed and double check the documents with landlord’s passport. Remember, subletting can only happen with the consent of the landlord.
  3. Ask for landlord the proof of payment on all the service charges and utilities. This is essential to avoid random knocks on your door for further outstanding bills.
  4. You may check Trust Real Estate on RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency). Stay safe and make sure the agency you are dealing with is licensed. We are the most reliable real estate company in Sharjah UAE.
  5. Take a copy of your real estate broker’s RERA card. Keep it transparent and show your knowledge by knowing who the licensed regulators in town are.
  6. Schedule a visit to the property with the landlord and ensure the condition of the property is as requested. It is necessary to rely on photos been posted by Trust Real Estate, we make sure that you visit the apartment before accepting it, we work in transparent way.
  7. Make sure the landlord is signing the contract themselves. Even if landlord does excuses reschedule a new date. By UAE law, the tenant and landlord are the most important signatures on the contract.
  8. Be cautious on the terms mentioned in the contract. Make sure in tenancy contract mentions that the landlord is responsible for any major repairs. Any apartment maintenance works exceeding AED 200 should be the responsibility of your landlord.
  9. No need to pay real estate agency fees until you have been handed all the keys and cards. Don’t rush to do payments out the way.
  10. Make sure receipts of cheques are provided. Document properly all money that you paid yourself or involved in the tenancy contract process to avoid fingers pointing in the wrong direction.


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