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Attestation of Residential Tenancy Contracts – New Contracts

Attestation of Residential Tenancy Contracts – New Contracts

Attestations of residential tenancy contracts are limited to families according to the following procedures:

Request form:

Residential tenancy agreement form.

Required documents:

  • Copy of title deed (applicant may instead fill out the contract form with details of the deed), or plot plan of granted lands.
  • Copy of Landlord’s Emirates ID card or copy of Landlord’s passport authenticated with his/her signature.

Note: Landlord Card obviates the need for presenting any other required documents from the Landlord for attestation of contracts.

  • Copy of Tenant’s passport or Emirates ID card, whether UAE citizen or expatriate.
  • Copy of passport or Emirates ID card of Tenant’s wife, whether UAE citizen or expatriate, or copy of Family Book of UAE citizens.

Note: Passport copy of Emirati wife is not required for attestation of contracts, except for Arabic houses contracts.

  • Copy of marriage certificate, if wife is sponsored by someone other than husband.

Note: If wife is sponsored by husband, marriage certificate will be required, except for Arabic house contracts only.

  • Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority [SEWA] stamp of approval for new contracts.
  • Copy of power of attorney, if necessary and copy of legal representative’s passport authenticated with his/her signature.


  1. Filling out contracts by both parties to the contract (Landlord and Tenant) or legal representatives thereof.
  2. Taking approval of SEWA.
  3. Attesting contract at the Tenancy Contract Attestation Section.
  4. Filling out the undertaking form, which is available at the section by Landlord and Tenant (for Arabic houses only).


  • Tenancy Contract form cost: Dhs100.
  • Attestation fees: 4% of annual rent amount (min. Dhs500).


  • Express service is available against payment of Dhs150 on each transaction.
  • Tenant is not entitled to register more than two contracts under his/her name.
  • Expats or Residents Emirates ID card is mandatory as of 15/11/2012.

Note Regarding Fees:

  • If tenancy contract contains more than one leased unit, Dhs100 shall be paid on each unit for the price of e-contract form.
  • If tenancy contract contains more than one leased unit and the term thereof is more than one year, Dhs100 shall be paid on each unit and for each year.

Procedural Steps:

  • Approach the receptionist’s desk for checking all required documents and taking a token number.
  • When you turn come approach the counter for attesting the tenancy contract.

Trust Real Estate framed above information for public convenience.

Sourced from: Rent Regulation Department – Sharjah Municipality, Sharjah.



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